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A Special Pair of Shoes

On the day I rode to a big victory in yellow at the top of the Super Planches des Belles Filles on stage 7 of the 2022 Tour de France I wore a special pair of DMT shoes. After the stage, I announced the start of our cancer foundation. The shoes are from artist Caitlin Fielder and painted by hand  ( The colors symbolize all of the cancers that affect us. The shoes were auctioned to raise funds for the foundation and raised $7,000 to help promote our research. —Tadej

We are proud to announce the launch of the Tadej Pogačar Cancer Research Foundation. What makes our work different? We are focused on cancer metabolism, which we believe is key to fighting the disease, with our recent work showing immense promise. Tadej is excited to launch the Foundation to promote and support this new area of cancer research.

Cycling Trainers, Cool Down & Oncology

A very hard stage, but afterwards laughing and still pedaling 😅 ! Why do we ride a trainer after five-hours of racing?

Besides “cooling down,” my coach, Dr. Iñigo San Millán (who was one of the first to introduce these cool downs after races to help us feel better) found in his research that cooling down accelerates the process of lactate clearance, re-distributing lactate throughout the body to be reabsorbed so it can be used for fuel again.

More importantly, he learned that trainer exercise can help improve cancer patient’s health, and for type 2 diabetes patients, it can lower their blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Research also shows cardio exercise can even reverse pre-diabetic conditions.

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Cancer touches all of us

Cancer will touch all of us, including me. Last April, my partner Urska Zigart’s mother, Darja, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Darja’s courageous struggle against cancer inspired me to start the foundation to help finally conquer cancer. I am ready for the fight, but we will need your help, please consider supporting our cause.

Bolezen raka se bo enkrat dotaknila vseh življenj, vključno z mojim. V aprilu je po dolgotrajni bolezni raka prehitro s tega sveta odšla Urškina mama Darja. Njen pogumen boj z boleznijo me je navdihnila, da ustanovimo Fundacijo, ki se bo zoperstavila tej bolezni. Pripravljen sem na boj, potrebujemo vašo pomoč, zato premislite o donaciji za dober namen.

Tour de France champ seeks to change cancer research

As Tadej’s personal coach and Head of Performance for team UAE, Doctor Inigo San Millan is responsible for the physiological fine-tuning of the team’s riders. For over a decade, he has also been researching therapies against cancer at the Colorado Springs University. During this time, he came across an interesting finding in the mode of action of the mitochondria – the cell components that are responsible for generating energy and responsible for aerobic respiration. Mitochondria produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the tiny molecule that is the universal energy carrier in the human body. Dr. San-Millan observed that in endurance athletes, their mitochondria is working perfectly, while in patients with tumors mitochondria are malfunctioning and using an inefficient or primitive way to produce energy, known as the Warburg effect.

Cancer’s abnormal cell metabolism

The insights of studying Tadej’s and other people’s metabolisms at the cellular level and comparing perfectly and imperfectly functioning mitochondria is promising for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches that specifically target cancer cell metabolism. Directing and supporting cancer research towards new and groundbreaking studies in the field of cancer metabolism is the main goal of the foundation founded by Tadej and is the main goal of the foundation founded by Tadej and Dr. San-Millán.

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Exercise Oncology Explained

Research has shown exercise lowers our risk of cancer, but new studies are showing it can also be an effective therapy for those fighting cancer. Exercise therapy helps make cancer treatment more effective and allow people to recover faster when treatment is over.

However, most cancer therapies and treatment programs do not know about or how to advise their patients about exercise. One of our foundation’s goals is to promote promising research and therapies in exercise oncology as a key way to treat cancer and improve patients’ quality of life.

Our foundation seeks to change this by conducting and promoting research, including trials, to articulate more substantially the promising science of exercise and cancer. In the future, we believe doctors will provide advice and targeted exercise therapies that is specific to a person’s treatment and cancer type.

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